Saturday, 2 April 2016

Bullying? How do you calm down?

Much of this blog has been about giving info but we want to expand to hearing your views and experiences.

Bullying in the workplace makes us feel bad. Reading back through the blog is info to make you feel better so please look at some of our older posts.

Today, I want to ask you what you did to find peace during the turmoil of bullying.

Here are a few of the things we did in our group Cancer-Bullied:

1. Tried to stay motivated. A little goal a day keeps the doctor away.

2.  Found a hobby to put us in flow. Painting, drawing, knitting, making models.....

3.  Listened to calming music such as the free version of the Calm Radio app

4.  Paced what we could do. 10 minutes cleaning or washing or going for a walk is better than nothing. You can increase or decrease the pace and increase or decrease the rest periods needed.

5.  Concentrated on breathing deeply to get good air in our lungs and fend off panic

6.  Took up Tai chi or a similar outside activity

7.  Took drives into the country and really took in what we saw

8.  Laughed, using comedy, jokes or anything. Even if it feels fake it will soon become real.

9.  Exercised regularly even when we did not feel like it

10. Reduced or cut out things like alcohol, cigarettes and painkillers when we felt able, seeking medical assistance if required.

11. Participate in social media and join communities for well-being

12. made sure we got a daily dose of chat with friends, family, communities or voluntary work

Doing some or all of the above grabs back YOUR control on YOUR life.

Please let our readers know your ideas. We would love to hear what you have to say on anything bully related!

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