Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Work-bullied? Do you blog to feel better??

We tweeted today on @bellemarsh4 about how much we enjoy blogging. How it has helped us express ourselves. It is important as bullied ones that you are allowed to express yourself, it is the removal of control and self-regulation that makes bullying so immoral. We have learned whilst writing this blog (do have a look at our archives) that loss of identity, fear and shame block those traumatised by work-place bullying.

We wondered how many of you had taken up blogging as a creative outlet? After all what is blogging or social media. It is really old fashioned journalling and diary writing. It has a respectable history and lineage and is not just for the youngsters.

"Do not forget as you read this that there is lots of practical and recovery information in the body of this blog and this article is but one of many strategies to fit different people and different stages of bullydom. Some of our articles are quite heavy and others light so there is variety and differing levels of depth for the reader." 

Writing a blog uses your own creative and individual voice in writing, designing, layout and creating pictures, visuals and ideas. It is really on-line scrap- booking in a way. A form of on-line play and it need not be serious. Start as a hobbyist and see where it leads.

You do not need to write a blog on being bullied, it could be on anything. How you knit, do DIY, your travels, what books you like, your poetry, songs, music....the list is endless.

You can limit your audience. Did you know that?? You do not need to go public right away.

To create a blog you can write, create quotes, add public domain pictures and you-tube videos, vines, gifs, songs, poems, paintings, art, your voice, your ideas, stop motion. Just ensure you have the right to use them. There is free software and apps for all these things. If you use free software, make sure you have a good virus checker though.

Blogging these days requires little or in the case of Tumblr no real technical know-how. You learn as you go along and can join communities and social media to find out how to move on.

Today everyone is an artist.

If you do decide to blog there are hundreds of options. You could join a micro-blogging community like or use Google's Blogger or Wordpress to create a blog. Or you can join communities like Blogher.

Releasing your creative juices is easy and therapeutic. Creativity puts you in flow and allows your mind to rest by becoming absorbed. This helps to steady the erratic mind when being bullied.

To create a blog you need to make sure you read up on on-line safety and do not make unsubstantiated or defamatory comments and observe intellectual rights. So you must not plagiarise other peoples work whether it be in writing, pictures or any other media, that said the world is your oyster. Make sure you check legals on your sites FAQ's.

Being on-line is not totally anonymous, but you can use pen-names or user names to create your blog if you like. If you are worried about anonimity read your Blog providers FAQ's

We would encourage you to read through our blog archives as this blog is designed to provide a variety of different strategies for recovering from work-place bullying at varying levels of detail and information.

Blogging allows you to shout out to the world. If the world does not answer back it does not matter, release and let go.......

Let us know how you are getting on......


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