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Bullying At Work - Intelligent job searching??

Bullied at work? - Intelligent job searching.


While setting up this blog it has lead us to traverse areas we never dreamed. We started as a blog for the recovery of those being bullied at work. However, the complexity of bullying within work has constantly surprised us, especially on twitter. We thought we would share the news that all is not lost in the world of work. We started off depressed and have become much more optimistic.

Check out this little nugget BBC News - The rise of the middle-aged intern


Our exploration of the twittersphere has revealed that we are by no means alone in trying to open the debate on bullying and moreover seek solutions. We have met wonderful people along the way and we really would encourage you to add us to your twitter so you can see who we talk to. @bellemarsh4

We have to admit there are many that are far ahead of us, those who have actually made a career from helping the workplace bullied, set up consultancies, recruitment agencies and advisory services. Those such as @HarassNoMore, stopworkplacebullying, bullyonline,org.

These are the innovators, those that are looking for radical solutions to redefining the world of work-bullying and employment for themselves and others. Looking at leadership role models and management models to see if they can be redefined.

There is a growing movement toward the recognition that employee engagement is key to good business. Motivated workers are more productive and more engaged in the development of the workplace. Disengaged workers are a serious risk to business both in time off sick, low productivity and the sinister practices of workplace sabotage by angry or demoralised employees. Employers be aware, your workplace is in danger of losing a lot of money!

We are very interested in the work of several of the people we have followed on our twitter and would encourage you to follow us and share in our knowledge database as it grows at @bellemarsh4.


We should not forget that the age where most bullying occurs is in the over 40's. This may be because we have missed the age of social media recruiting and the new more adventurous styles of gaining work. Researching employers is in its infancy, especially here in the UK, but job sites such as Monster, Glassdoor and Indeed and others have made this a developing area. New style and modern recruiters encourage you to assess your employers and post reviews. This is something the uneducated employer ignores at their peril.

You need to know how to research your employer. They need you and you are entitled to know who they are and what they are about. Moreover, you can now post an honest review about what you discover.

Let us not forget, that many of us choose a job without research or careful planning. How many of us are working where we are because it was the easiest route to a job? We have the responsibility and the right to do better.

Job searching is a much more applied science now and it is worth taking time to research what is happening by watching social media trends, learning and empowering yourself. After all, one route to avoid being bullied is to carefully choose where we work.

Astute use of media, allows us to find jobs that fit with us, whether we be extroverts or introverts or the sensitive type.

It is worth doing work on who we are to enable us to start to zone in on who we want to be and moreover where we want to work. Counselling, coaching and even asking our friends what type of person we are, can help lead us to more fulfilling work. I discovered by reading Elaine N Aron's book (The Highly Sensitive Person) that I am like a rabbit or a deer, sensitive, shy and someone who likes to be in the background. Not who I thought I was at all!

We need to understand ourselves sufficiently to grasp that our skills are real estate and that we are a wanted commodity. We wonder on this blog whether women in particular are sufficiently trained in how to negotiate the new ways of getting work and of negotiating salary?

How many of you have your CV's lodged with recruitment companies on-line or off-line? I do, and despite being well over 50, I have been headhunted quite a few times just by the passive entry of my CV on a recruitment site. So literally, whilst I actively hunt, my passive on-line CV (regularly updated) is allowing recruiters to find me.

How many of us are networking with business forums, societies or social networks. How many of us are researching how to use sites such as Linkedin and Twitter to create networks. If not, why not? We must not be afraid of embracing new ideas.

How many of us are forming relationships via social media or otherwise with those like us, those with our interests and with recruiters and innovators? This is surely the route to meaningful and fulfilling work.

Companies such as Amazon and other organisations offer extensive free on line courses (check reviews for reputation). There is now little excuse not to be continuing your education. In the last year I have gained certificates in counselling and safeguarding and support work. I did this in less than four months. Gaining valuable new skills has never been easier.

I know of a good many people who have concentrated social media in their local area where they live. This works well for child rearers and carers for example, by creating meaningful opportunities to connect nearby.

70% of work opportunities are never advertised, did you know that? There are opportunities for work everywhere. Do you need to stay in that horrible toxic workplace, with a culture that does not suit you?

Finally, the world has expanded to such an extent that everyday thousands of people have embraced self-employment. Could you be earning a passive income whilst working by using platforms as simple as, Gumtree, Ebay or Craig's list? If you have lost your job due to bullying, have you considered new and creative ways of getting in money.

Have you embraced the new money saving sites on-line, such as moneysaving There are many sites on frugality, that could get you through the lean times in a creative and exciting ways. With upcycling many have even made good side businesses.(Pinterest and Etsy). Dig into the world of on-line creativity and do not be satisfied until you locate what suits you! This is your life, your journey!

Recovery from bullying cannot simply be a passive act, we owe it to ourselves to seek a better workplace, to value our assets and to sell them to the right company. I say this to myself as much as to you. Taking control of your employment will make you feel good about yourself.

Having used social media extensively whilst running this blog, we have come to realise that there is a big world out there and millions of opportunities to develop and grow. By just reaching out on social media my cynicism about the workplace has begun to decline. We see creativity and innovation everywhere.

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