Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tip O'the Week - bullied -the third Way

If bullying has made you feel disconnected and odd and you are finding it hard to talk or communicate, our tip of the week may give you a little boost. In  counselling training it is common to start a session by putting down everything in your hands and assuming an open posture, which means hands in laps, legs uncrossed. You then tell the class how you are feeling or how your day has been. This can be converted to real life. At the beginning of the day to your loved ones, friends or trusted colleagues, you can give a little hint of how you are feeling, even if you do not feel able to go into details. You might say: How are you today? I am feeling a little grumpy. I am feeling a little down or I am feeling better than usual. I am happy, sad or whatever comes to mind. It need not be in graphic detail. Just a little hint. This may help you develop stratagies for opening up more fully.

This is the beginning of opening up and the beginning of finding your voice. Talking about problems to trusted people is healthy and part of the steps to recovery, it also helps others to know how you are and how to be around you. I know it sounds a bit trite but give it a go. I do. 🌺

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