Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Poem by bullied cancer survivor

Bully Poem

I had cancer, yes cancer, had hardly any hair
I returned to work, but did you care?
You looked at me, a vulnerable pawn
With hospital appointments. It could not be born
I was a costly waste of corporate air
Lost profits, time. And ugly, no hair!
When I decided to raise my concerns with HR
You decided to destroy me, I would not get far
With raising the truth, that was out of order
Whistleblowing where you were the warder
You refused me leave, you refused me care
You refused to acknowledge me, I was not there,
You used a minor matter to attack my work
You failed my in year assessment! You made me look a jerk

Did the others help me. No they just looked on!
They could not believe you were the bullying one
As you smiled in their faces, and tossed your hair
You lured them like a black widow into her lair
Eventually I proved the rubbish you peddled
Did that make a difference? No I had just meddled
In the corporate club to which you had the card
You bullied me more, you tried very hard
Reorganisation came just in time
But not before you had played with my mind
And my body and made me so sick
Worried and frightened. You made me look thick
This competent, clever and sensitive person
Walked away and closed the curtain

I learned you were nothing, but misery and lies
No one liked you, they were scared of your eyes
I help others now and even set up a blog
I took what you did and turned it from smog
Into flowers and rainbows to pursue dreams and Magic
While you remain in your lair bullying others and that's tragic

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