Wednesday, 2 March 2016

What is a toxic workplace? meaning and a link


We were going to write an article on toxic work places. If you do not know what a toxic workplace is it is a workplace where the processes and culture have become a danger to staff health and safety. Bullying and aggressive or careless acts toward staff become rife, leading to ill-health and lack of moral and loss of income to the institution as well as loss of humanity.


We have found an article that is as good a description of toxicity as we have come across and rather than write our own article we would heartily recommend this as a really excellent piece that we could not personally better. We have no links with this blog site but are recommending the article as we feel we could not have done better ourselves. This is the link

Another very good set of articles on toxicity can be found at


Don't forget that we have lots of links to websites that address workplacebullying at the side of this blog titled Quick Links.

Please also read our blogs from 2015 and 16 which contain recovery tips and suggestions for those experiencing workplace bullying.

Whilst we cannot give professional advice and our blog is just our way of trying to help, we do hope that some of what we say is helpful.

Get well and recover.

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