Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Bullied at work - finding inner strength

Bullied at work? Inner Strength

Give your self permission to live 'well'. We often neglect mental health and our wellbeing. Because of this when something really terrible happens like being bullied in the workplace, we are not ready for it. We are not strong enough, we do not have enough resilience. Building mental strength and tenacity may be just as, if not more important than physical strength.  

When we have not done enough healing or acceptance of ourselves to be ready for anything, we risk being crushed by it. 

Learning to roll with the punches is not easy. It may bring up bad memories. We may never have had to think seriously about our mental health. However sooner or later things come up that test us. Being prepared, just like preparing your body for a run is important  It has to be practised and learned. So limber up that brain muscle and choose to value yourself. 

The fact is you cannot change the way others think, but you can change how you think and that is the route to gaining back control of your life. It is the responsibility of corporations to put in place strategies to deal with bullies. Once a bully always a bully. They will never change but you can.

It is about exploring new avenues, new ideas such as self-help books, meditation, mindfulness, counselling, journaling, spirituality, resilience training, writing, creativity, brain training, volunteering, studying something new, even laughter yoga .....Even if you are sceptical, be open to new things, new ideas, new ways of thinking.......Find what works for you.

Personally writing was my way out of grief and pain and also studying new subjects. This works for me but it could be something different for you.

Start today, so you are prepared for anything.

There is now clinical evidence that wellness and new ideas for well-being really work. They are not just some faddy idea and perhaps opening our minds to the possibility that anxiety and low mood can be helped by preventative action, in advance of the stresses and strains we all endure one time or another, can only be for the good.

Even if you are inside the turmoil of workplace bullying it is never too late to take control of the one thing you have in your power, namely your health and happiness. The bullying may take its toll, but as you begin to build confidence using new ways of thinking, you get better control of your life. This reduces the bully's clutch on you.

What healthy things have you done to build your resilience and inner strength?? 

Please feel free to browse this blog there is lots of valuable information and links to help recovery from the evils of the workplace bully! Don't forget you may well need professional, medical, legal, union and/or any other lawful intervention to assist you with workplace bullying. Our blog is about learning to recover from the battering, but does not compensate for other professional options. 

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