Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Bullied at work. Our most popular posts!

Here is a list of our most popular blogs so that you have them at your fingertips when you need an anti-bully boost.

Validation! Yes you are being bullied.

This link is a short blog on identifying and acknowledging bullying. This is a good route to begin recovery.

Bully first aid kit - Emergency plans

This link is a quick guide if you feel that there is an immediate bully threat

Planning your strategy

You may wish to plan more deeply how to deal with the emerging bullying situation.

Worrying about your work identity

If you are worried about losing your identity. Do not let the bully succeed in robbing you of it.

Yes you are feeling trauma - allow this to be acknowledged

Bullying is traumatic. If you feel giddy and disorientated it is not your imagination.

Feeling enraged?Feeling enraged

Do not blame yourself

Blaming the victim is an outmoded concept. Bullying is, in our opinion is abuse and unacceptable on any level

Empower yourself.

You have the right to empower yourself and recover from bullying. Do not let the bully succeed. They seek to destroy and eliminate but they do not have your mind. We are not yet in 1984, not yet.....

Recommended reading

Some of our favourite reading

Getting out of that rubbish job

Some ideas for intelligent job searching if  you have decided enough is enough

Some ideas for relaxation

These are ideas and opinions to support recovery that we know we and others have tried. It is not an exhaustive list. You should seek medico legal help if required and we are not experts but just trying to get by day by day just like you. We hope we have helped. Please note there is lots more on the blog and loads of quick links to the side of the blog to other helpful sites.

Best wishes the Cancer-Bullied Team.

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