Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Bullying - It was like I lost my identity....

In bullying as in cancer, we can lose our identity, we cannot see who we are and become disconnected. In my disconnection I somehow also felt linked to all the bullying that affects the world. I found this public domain image from Pixabay.com and it somehow expressed without words how I felt at the time.

The alienation of having had cancer, returning to work and not being accepted, acknowledged or shown compassion, completely diminished me. It took a huge effort of will to pull myself up and try to analyse what was happening to me and moreover, how to survive whilst it was happening.

I believe that the power to heal and the answers for our healing are within us, we know ourselves better than anyone. We are unique inside our heads. Unlocking our strengths requires that we acknowledge our problems, recognise them and come to terms with them by releasing our potentialities inside.

Our most unique gift as humans is our creativity. Using our creativity, releasing our former selves to play and create, is part of the gift we have. We have the right to be conscious of ourselves and therefore in control of our destiny. This gift that we all have, allows us to explore how we can best recover and move forward when others seek to rob of us of our greatest prize, our right to be our unique selves.

 We would welcome your images or drawing or poems of how bullying feels...... Sometimes images allow us to express ourselves better than words......
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