Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Tip of the week Using creativity as a tool for relaxation

Tip of the week - Distraction and Creativity

Happy New Year to those of you who are new to this page. Welcome. Before you read the tip, just be aware that there are lots of really good articles on this page for facing, dealing with and recovering from bullying. The reason I say this is that I do not want to appear flippant when I talk about todays tips, using creative pursuits as an outlet for distraction and flow away from pain.

One of the reasons we set up this blog was in that hope that we could start a gallery of art and poetry by those who are suffering bullying. The idea is that creativity is a root to solace. That hasn't quite come off yet and is a work in progress.

The purpose of the gallery was to invite survivors of bullying to diversify into a hobby even as the bullying is going on.

The reason for this is that distraction and flow are really important ways of calming the mind when something really difficult is going on. The advantages of taking up a creative pursuit whilst suffering are varied. The pursuit provides distraction yes, but it also allows one to improve skills and identify abilities that one may have forgotten or did not know one had.

The creative process and the building of these skills develops confidence. It also provides an area of control where there may be none. The benefit of controlling an area of ones life whilst other aspects are going to hell, stabilises the mind. The control provides some certainty in an otherwise unsure world. That certainty can improve happiness and wellbeing.

It is not important to be perfect at the pursuit, indeed if you were to send in your work, you would get nothing but praise. I intend to call the gallery the Praise Gallery and we don't want anything except support here.

The whole point is not the outcome of the creative pursuit, but the feeling of enjoyment whilst carrying it out.

Where there was sadness a sprout of happiness may grow. Where there was consternation the seeds of confidence will grow.

So if you are currently being bullied or are finding recovery hard we would strongly suggest taking up a creative pursuit. It could be anything from cross-stitch to whittling. Painting to poetry. The only pre-requisite is that it is creative and requires that you create something no matter what it may be.

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